• 100 Percent Renewable Powered Microgrid in Illinois Islands from the Grid for 24 Hours August 18, 2017
    On Thursday, Ameren Corporation and S&C Electric Company announced that they had successfully conducted a 24-hour islanding test at the recently deployed Ameren microgrid in Champaign, Illinois.  […]
  • An Eclipse Is Just What the US Power Sector’s Been Waiting For August 17, 2017
    Turns out the solar eclipse, set to plunge parts of the U.S. into total darkness on Monday, will offer exactly what the power sector’s been looking for: a completely predictable stage for experiments. […]
  • SolarReserve to Build 150-MW Solar Thermal Plant in South Australia August 17, 2017
    A 150MW solar thermal power plant will be built in South Australia by global company SolarReserve. The Aurora Solar Energy Project located in Port Augusta, about 300km north of the South Australian capital Adelaide, will incorporate eight hours of storage or 1,100 MWh, allowing it to operate like a conventional coal or gas power station. […]
  • NorthVolt Starts Biggest Fundraising for $4 Billion Battery Plan August 17, 2017
    NorthVolt AB, the Swedish battery factory developer founded by a former Tesla Inc. executive, is planning to close its first major fundraising round this autumn, potentially drawing in 100 million euros ($118 million). […]
  • How an Arkansas Co-op Used Solar Power to Help Retain a Major Employer August 17, 2017
    An electric cooperative in rural Arkansas is finding that solar power is not only benefiting its members, it’s helped to keep a major employer in the community. […]
  • London Solar Auctions Aim to Make City Greenest on Earth August 16, 2017
    London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he wanted to try city-wide auctions as part of an environment strategy proposed to more than double the capital’s solar energy generation capacity by 2030. […]
  • First Solar to Profit If Trump Slaps Tariffs on Panel Imports August 15, 2017
    First Solar Inc. is standing on the sidelines of a trade dispute that could give its products a significant leg up. The U.S. International Trade Commission held a hearing on Tuesday regarding the request by Suniva for the U.S. to impose tariffs on imported solar panels. The petition alleges China, which accounts for more than 80 percent of global solar panel production, gives manufacturers unfair government support.   The commission is expected to make a d […]
  • Parked Electric Cars Earn $1,530 From Europe's Power Grids August 14, 2017
    Electric car owners are earning as much as $1,530 a year just by parking their vehicle and feeding excess power back into the grid. Trials in Denmark carried out by Nissan Motor Co. and Italy’s biggest utility Enel SpA showed how batteries inside electric cars could help balance supply and demand at times and provide a new revenue stream for those who own the vehicles. […]
  • Combined Solar and Methane Power Plant Set to Open in South Australia August 14, 2017
    A combined solar and methane power plant in South Australia is set to begin operating within days. In what’s believed to be an Australian first, the plant will channel thermal energy from solar panels and methane gas from decomposed garbage through a shared turbine inter-connector.  […]
  • 4 Unusual Uses of Solar PV Technology August 14, 2017
    It’s becoming more common to find solar panels on rooftops, but that’s just one of thousands of places where they are generating power. As costs drop and energy production rises, we expect to see many more places where solar technologies are put to work—providing unleashed, inexpensive electricity.   […]