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Lehigh Acres

Advanced Solar: The Leading Solar Energy Company In Lehigh Acres, Florida

Are you tired of paying crazy high electricity bills? Try solar energy and watch your bill go significantly low.
At Advance Solar Lehigh Acres, we specialize in helping you trim your electrical bills by installing reliable residential solar energy panels to help fuel everything in your home.


How We Help You In Lehigh Acres, Florida

Lower Your Electricity Bills

Electricity can get super expensive, mainly because it is a recurring need in your household. Residential solar energy can help cut your costs because you get to enjoy solar energy in your home at a low cost, aside from the installation cost.

Solar energy also allows you breathing space since it is quite low maintenance. It does not demand much maintenance except cleaning the solar panels once in a long time, up to a year.

Get Financial Relief

Going for solar energy can get you some financial relief on your taxes through a tax credit. Once you start using residential solar energy, you can claim a tax incentive, making solar energy worth it!

Whether you pay for the installation by a loan or cash, you are still entitled to a tax credit depending on the installation cost.

Get More For Your Home

Your home rises in value when you call a solar panel installation company to get you started on solar energy. This is because residential solar energy brings an alternative energy source that is beneficial to you and the next resident of that home.

Solar energy can cut your utility bills in electricity quite a lot, and as you sell your home, your account for this relief, and most often than not, buyers see the value and want to pay more for your home.

Why Choose Us In Lehigh Acres, Florida?

We Install Solar Panels For Various Uses

As one of the leading solar companies in Florida, we offer diverse solutions to diverse needs! We install solar panels to provide different forms of solar energy for the different needs in your home. 

We provide solar panels to provide solar energy for benefits like:

  • Electricity for use in the house
  • Water heating
  • Pool heating

We have a solar energy solution for everything! 

We Customize Prices And Services

Our costs vary based on the services and solar panels we require to give you adequate solar energy for your home. Therefore, you can count on us to provide you with just the service you need, for a reasonable cost.

As the best solar panel installation company, we offer the best services for the best prices! We believe that every customer is unique and represents unique needs.

We Are Experts

Having been in the game for over 35 years, we know our way around solar panels. We can tackle any problem or situation that arises. We are not only licensed but also insured against various dangers.

Ready To Start Using Residential Solar Energy In Lehigh Acres, Florida?

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of solar energy? Let Advance Solar, your trusted solar panel installation company in Florida, help set you up on your new journey! Call us today!