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Bonita Springs

Advance Solar’s Bonita Springs Solar Power Team Can Help You Save

The mighty Florida sun has the potential to save you money on your energy bills. In business since 1983, Advance Solar is committed to providing and installing high-quality solar panels. Our Bonita Springs solar power team puts you first. Our award-winning service and a team of experts ensure each job is done correctly.

Bonita Springs Solar Power Options

Solar power is a great way to reduce your reliance on the typical electric provider. It can heat your pool, cool your home, and keep your lights on, even during a storm. We have a wide selection of solar products available to you, including:

  • Battery back-up generators
  • Optimizers
  • Solar monitoring systems
  • Micro and string inverters
  • Panel options with multiple efficiency and energy ratings
  • Pool heaters
  • Solar panels for both commercial and residential buildings

Our team also offers an affordable and reliable installation, maintenance, and repair service, guaranteeing you complete confidence that your system will function well.


Why Choose Solar?

Solar power is an excellent investment for your money and the future of the planet. Traditional electricity causes high energy and electric bills, and it can also be unpredictable. You can lose electricity during storms or due to accidents or poor maintenance. Solar panels provide 24/7 power by storing extra energy you do not use during the day to keep your lights running at night or during inclement weather. Solar power is more energy-efficient, leading to lower cooling and energy bills. Increased energy efficiency not only saves you money but also decreases environmental impact by reducing harmful emissions. The benefits of solar power cause some people to seek homes already equipped with them when purchasing a new home. Choosing solar power now could increase the value of your home down the road.

The Advance Solar Guarantee

We have almost 40 years of experience in the solar business, and we have seen it all. Our knowledge helps us install your system quickly and confidently. Using the highest quality materials, our experts want to supply you with a system that is worth your investment. Your system will last for years and will save you money. Dedication to our customers is our number one goal. Our 5-star service team wants to make sure you know all the benefits you will receive by going solar. Our experts will do a walkthrough of your home or business to figure out your energy needs and calculate your savings. Certified engineers and installers will lay out and install your system to guarantee your system’s compliance with industry standards.

Contact Us

Advance Solar is committed to creating a smooth transition from traditional electricity to solar energy. Our expert products at an affordable price have made us Florida’s top provider for solar products. Our team of Bonita Springs solar power experts can answer any question you may have about the installation process or the benefits of solar energy. Contact us today to find the solar product that is best for your home or business. Finance options are available.