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Pentair is an American Company that deals with water treatment. It was incorporated in Ireland but its main US office is in Arden Hills, Minnesota. The company makes most of life’s most essential accessories for making water safe.

This includes getting great-tasting water straight into your kitchen faucet. It can be from an industrial water management source or anywhere else. They deliver solutions that will help you move, enjoy and improve your water with sustainable applications that are geared towards ensuring a healthy world.

The Main Pentair Products;

The main products they produce for water include the following;

  • Pentair pool filter
  • Pentair pool pump
  • Pentair pool heater
  • Valves
  • Tanks
  • Commercial Pool & spa equipment
  • Agricultural products
  • Oil & gas products

Pentair Pool Pump

Because we all know that the pool is only as good as its pump, Pentair is proud of its innovative line of Pentair pool pump products that are longer-lasting, innovative, and high performing. They are also smart, quiet, efficient, and durable no matter the qualities you are looking for.

Pentair is a solution for all your pool pump needs. Their certified pool pumps will save you energy by using efficient motors that are advanced and contain hydraulic designs with varied two-speed technology.

This is able to deliver the right amount of water filtration flow for cleaning and fountains as well. As an industry leader in spa and pool pumps. Pentair has been recognized as the most esteemed energy star partner for its continued leadership in this area. They also offer superior energy-efficient achievements.

Pentair Pool Filter

Pentair has a wide selection of spa and pool filters that come with a wide range of designs that will ensure to keep your pools healthy and sparkling clean. They also offer diatomaceous earth DE, sand filter products, and cartridges.

Their main Pentair pool filter products are;

  • Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Pool Filters
  • FNS plus Pool Filters
  • EasyClean D.E. Inground Filter
  • Quad D.E. pool filter
  • Triton II

Pentair Pool Heater

Pentair Pool Heater product provides you with warm water whenever you want it. If you have ever taken a dip in a cozy pool that’s heated, then you will understand why this is a great product. It offers heat pumps made of gas heaters and the first-of-its-kind Hybrid heater.

Pentair can show you how wonderful it is to use this product. As per an industry survey, the company was named as the number one brand that used heated pools.

Their overall rating and industry professionals are the best across the US. Their Heating products include the following;

  • MasterTemp High-Performance Heater
  • Ultratemp high-performance heat pump
  • Ultratemp hybrid heater
  • ETi 400 pool and spa heater brings