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Solar energy feasibility is essential for creating a successful renewable solar energy project.

The feasibility study of solar energy evaluates the various technology and financially viable sites. Feasibility defines if solar energy projects can proceed.

When carrying out a solar energy project, it is essential to consider location, utility proximity, net metering laws, site formats, the potential ability of energy storage, and cost. These reports are necessary, especially for residential solar energy purposes.

At advanced solar energy, our team of highly trained professionals will perform a thorough inspection and analysis of your building and provide you with a detailed report based on what we find.


Why Solar Energy Requires Site Feasibility

Solar energy site feasibility aims to restrict solar projects’ risk, address potential issues early, and provide an effective solution.

Without a good site feasibility analysis, solar energy installation might likely go beyond the budget or be delayed.


What Goes Into a Solar Energy Site Feasibility

  •     Executing a site inspection when needed
  •     Choosing the preliminary solar elements
  •     Making basics electricity estimation

For residential solar energy systems, this process can be somewhat straightforward. However, this process can be highly time-consuming for more extensive and more complex solar installations and requires more energy. Site feasibility involves:

  •     Project background
  •     Site selection
  •     Recommended technologies
  •     Environmental and regulatory considerations
  •     Economic analysis
  •     Community impact

Our Solar Site Feasibility Services

  •     The quantity of potential solar energy generation
  •     The risk associated to mitigate
  •     Accessible provincial or state financial incentives
  •     Assessment of cost for technical designs, installation process, and operation of the solar energy system
  •     Production of simulations and models of projects
  •     Estimations of the long time results and project retribution, including uncertainty evaluation
  •     Comprehensive site feasibility and technical reports


Solar Energy Site Feasibility 

The amount required to pay for a solar energy site feasibility, both for more extensive and residential solar energy, depends on the city, state, rural and urban areas. The five major variables that mainly affect solar energy site feasibility cost are:

  •     The location of the project
  •     Permit fees
  •     The local building codes
  •     The utility energy interconnection cost
  •     Residential solar energy purpose(business or private use)

You can contact advanced solar anytime to discuss a better sense of the cost of a solar energy site feasibility.


Commence Your Next Solar Energy Project

A well-detailed solar energy site feasibility sets a foundation for an incredible solar energy installation project.

We at advance solar have been providing solar service since 1983, from pool heating, hot water, spa, and other solar electricity.

Our objective is to operate with integrity in all areas of our businesses, putting our customers first. The Advance solar team will carry out your solar energy site feasibility studies rapidly and skillfully. Contact us for all solar energy and residential solar energy