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How do you heat your pool?

Pool Heating 

Nothing makes a pool better than good temperature control. Imagine getting to channel the heat from the sun into the water! With a solar pool heater, you can do just that. Not only does it sound like magic, but it will also work wonders on your wallet. Heating your pool with solar power costs much less annually than with gas and heat pump, and installation costs about the same.

Advance Solar & Energy provides pool-heating solutions to accommodate any situation. Check out the options we offer for the Fort Myers area. You’re well on your way to a better poolside experience!

How Does A Solar Pool Heater Work?

A pump takes water from the pool into a solar collector. The water enters the solar panel component itself from one end, and the sun’s energy is then used to heat the water quickly. That water gets sent right back to the pool from the other end, causing a difference in the temperature you can feel.

Our high-quality panels can channel at least 85% of energy from the sun into heating the water – that’s how efficient it is. This solution works the other way, too; water can be circulated through the collectors at night and then released into the pool, bringing the water temperature down drastically. It’s great for those hot summer days.

Things To Think About

Every yard is different, and you’re going to need to choose a set-up that goes best with your needs. One key factor is, of course, pool size. How much water are you heating up? You should also take surface area and orientation into consideration.

A sufficient number of solar panels should be able to fit on your roof or elsewhere on the property, and it should be facing in the precise direction to get the most sunlight possible. One rule of thumb is that the panels need to cover at least 50% of the same surface area the pool does in order for heating to be effective.

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Look, you’ve spent a lot of money on having a pool installed. Don’t you want to get as much out of it as you can? Thanks to a solar pool heater, you can jump into the water for more days out of the year. It’s a sound investment for any home with a pool, especially since it’s priced about the same as other pool-heating solutions and costs so little to operate annually! Contact Advance Solar & Energy in Fort Myers today to set up your consultation.