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Solar Pool Heating

Solar POOL Heating in South Florida : Advance Solar

Solar pool heating systems use the natural energy of sunlight to keep your pool warm and comfortable all year around.

Solar Pool Heating can reduce your pool heating costs by thousands of dollars per year compared to or in combination with electric or gas. Solar Pool Heating is the most environmental and economical way to heat your pool. Advance Solar has been installing pool solar Since 1983 and has sold the most solar panels in the United States.

Advance Solar proudly uses the Heliocol Solar Panels that come with the best warranty available of 12-years parts and labor. These panels utilize an advanced clamping system to minimize roof contact and individual tube design to reduce wind loading on the panel. There is no comparison in quality and is the only panel in the world to achieve the ISO9002 Certified rating

Heliocol Solar panels were chosen to heat the swimming pool facilities for the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996) and Athens (2004) and on the Governor’s Mansion here in Florida (2007).

Choose only the best for your solar pool heating needs.

Does Your Pool Heating Need Solar Energy?

A swimming pool is a notable investment for your wallet, and it doesn’t just sound right to use it only in summer. The cold nights and weather don’t have to come between you and your dips.

Your pool can be your sanctuary throughout the year for your relaxation needs if you opt for solar energy with your pool heater.


Is Solar Energy A Worthwhile Investment?

Saves you money

While you need an upfront cost to purchase and install this addition, it costs zero to operate. This means that you will minimize your utility expenses while having unlimited time at your pool. You give yourself and your family a usable pool every season instead of the three to four months of pool time.

Free sunlight replaces expensive fossil fuels

Perhaps the superiority of solar pool heaters is using the free bursts of sunlight. No charge is required to get your warm pool going. All you need is to sacrifice the purchase and installation costs, and wallah! A comfortable pool here we come!

Works with any pool size and shape

Pool heaters are flexible and can work with all shapes and sizes. Besides, they are mountable on any roof, from tile to flat roofs; even ground mounting works just fine.

Environment friendly

Needless to say, solar power is clean and renewable energy. Pool heaters convert the sun’s energy to heat energy for a desirable temperature in your pool. The sun is all-natural and doesn’t release any carbon emissions as opposed to its counterparts, like gas and oil.

Low maintenance

The solar pool heater is ideal if you are not looking forward to heavy maintenance duties. They are effortless to maintain. They also come with extended warranties and, unlike other systems, don’t incorporate motors or fans.

Important Factors For A Perfect Solar Pool Heater

More homeowners are opting for solar heaters to lower the costs of heating a pool with other forms of energy. But what should you consider for your solar pool heating?


This is essentially your pool size. A rule of the thumb is that a pool heater should be 50 to 100% of your pool’s size.


You live in the sunshine state, so this shouldn’t be something to worry about. However, your panels must be mounted properly after considering the orientation and tilt for optimum results. 

Control system

These systems can run the water through the collector continuously. Opting for mechanical or manual systems gives you control to prevent and allow water flow. 


This solely depends on the size of your pool and the number of units needed. However, you can expect to part with anything between $3500 to $8000.

Is Solar Energy Credit Applicable To Pool Heaters?

Investing in any form of residential solar energy comes with federal solar energy tax benefits, and pool heating is not an exception. Although it doesn’t get as much attention as solar electricity and water heating, pool heating qualifies for sales tax exemptions with no limits.  

Opting for solar energy for your pool heating needs is a smart choice for your finances, the environment, and good pool temperature year in and out. However, purchasing your pool heater from a credible retailer promotes longevity and expert installation. A highly experienced and knowledgeable team will also help you determine a suitable heater for your home. 


Solar energy is becoming very popular for homeowners everywhere, but did you ever think that you could use solar energy for your swimming pool? Well, you can! Here at Advance Solar, located in Fort Myers, we tell you about the Heliocol systems, which are essentially pool solar panels. Heliocol systems are an extremely safe and reliable way to heat your pool using solar energy because they are medical-grade material and it was tested very intensely for your safety while swimming. Your safety and comfort in your pool or any pool with Heliocol systems in it is our top priority, so you can rest assured that this product is reliable.

Heliocol systems are very efficient for heating pools, and they are not affected by the chemicals in pools, salt, or heat in general. You will not have to worry about catching any nasty illnesses from Heliocol systems either because they are made with the purest materials, yet it does not degrade. Other solar companies make panels from materials that degrade, and as a result, you will be swimming in a pool of pollutants.

Installation And Maintenance For Pool Solar Panels

You might be wondering how Heliocol systems are installed into pools and if there is any maintenance that goes along with them. The installation process is actually very simple because it can be installed in various places around your home. Some of these places include pool fences, racks on the ground, patio roofs, and roofs in general. Heliocol systems are mounted onto the desired surface so you do not have to worry about the hassle or uneasiness of straps. Plus, mounting ensures that the surface will not be penetrated in any way, so it will be aesthetically pleasing as well. In terms of maintenance, you are in luck because they are designed to not require any maintenance! Heliocol systems do not warp, crack, or leak, so you will not have to constantly repair or check for damages. Also, since they are mounted on, you will not have to worry about adjusting any straps. You will truly have nothing to complain about when it comes to the Heliocol systems.

Benefits Of This System

Not only are Heliocol systems convenient for heating your pool and so much more, but they also provide benefits that you likely have no idea about. Here are the benefits that it provides:

  • Your electricity bills will be so much cheaper because the sun does not charge anything for its UV rays.
  • The value of your home will increase.
  • Once Heliocol systems are installed, you will not have to worry about maintenance.
  • You can double the amount of time that you keep your pool open because the heating is so strong.

You Cannot Go Wrong

We are excited about Heliocol systems because we understand how beneficial and convenient they are for homeowners. They are by far the most convenient way to heat your pool, and they do not require any other care once it is installed. You truly cannot go wrong with this heating system!

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Advance Solar are professionals who want you to be fully informed about pool solar panels. Solar energy does not have to be limited to utilities because your pool can benefit as well. Request a quote in Fort Myers for more information about Heliocol systems.