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Solar Electricity


Advance Solar Energy Solutions

When it comes to Solar Electric Solutions for your home or business, one size does not fit all; and not all solar products are the same. Let Advance Solar help educate you on your solar options to help navigate the sea of solar including micro-inverters, string-inverters, optimizers, monitoring systems, battery back-ups, panel options, and efficiency ratings.

Consulting: Our Solar Associates will meet you to analyze your electric needs and help estimate your energy savings and return on investment.

Design: Advance Solar will lay out your system with an overhead look while working with state-certified engineers to ensure your system will meet Florida Wind Load Standards and pass inspection.

Installation: Our fully trained install team will walk you through every step of the install process and deliver 5 Star workmanship until the system is up, running, and saving you money!

Factors That Determine The Best Solar Energy For Your Home And Business

It’s hard to separate energy from our basic needs, and solar is giving us a shoulder to lean on with reliable electricity. Still, there are different solar panels on the market, and choosing one that meets your needs is the way to go. Thanks to the advanced tech world, you can now take your energy independence up a notch. But below are the main factors to consider for your solar energy source.

Choosing The Best Solar Energy For Your Home Or Business Made Simple

The solar industry keeps advancing with innovations, but there are three main types of panels that grace our roofs. These include monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. But it all comes down to your budget and your preferences.
Monocrystalline: While it’s the oldest panel, it’s also the most advanced. Although its efficiency makes up for the additional dollars you have to part with, it is quite costly.
Polycrystalline: The newer panel than its predecessor has been growing in popularity. The investment is ideal if you are looking for a more affordable panel with slightly lower efficiency.
Thin-film: The latest development in solar tech comes with a lower price tag than the former two, with lower power output. It also boasts a lightweight build.

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Size of the panel

The panel size should accommodate your residential solar energy needs. Keep in mind that new panels are created every day, and homeowners may make adjustments over time. With an additional square meter, you can produce a higher power output. But it also needs enough space on your roof. We can help you establish an ideal configuration setup.


It’s not always about the most expensive option you can afford but the most efficient one for your property. It should produce power effortlessly, with a top-up of faster-charging batteries to sustain your power needs. A panel efficiency of 15 to 22% or more is a smart choice. We will be glad to take you through various panel efficiencies for an apt product for you.


A longer warranty is a sure way to determine whether the service provider can vouch for the system’s quality. This buffers you from losses if there is a malfunctioning or defection from the system. Our systems speak of warranties that promote peace of mind for our clients.


It goes without saying that power output will depend on the placement of your panels. It’s highly recommended to avoid obstructions like buildings, trees, and other tall structures. A high-quality mounting system is also an important facet during any installation. It is especially true if you live in a wind-prone area, as loose mounting brackets mean the system may be carried away. An expert installation from our reliable team is one of our specialties at Advance Solar. We utilize the latest technology to ensure roof compatibility and effective mounting that generates the maximum output possible.


Solar panels are exposed to various harsh elements and conditions, making durability important. To optimize your investment, panels that can break are a no go zone. We lay down every aspect of our systems, including their durability, to ensure you pick the right choice for your use.

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What Is The Solar Energy Tax Credit For Solar Electricity?

The solar energy credit is 22% for a purchased and installed system before December 31, 2022. There is also a sales tax exemption of 6% and property tax exemption on the addition to any Florida home.

Solar energy promotes energy independence while conserving our environment. Besides, there is a federal tax credit to minimize the burden of purchase and installation. Need to learn more about solar systems before making your decision? Contact our professionals today to go solar in style!