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Yes. Your Solar Energy company needs to have an ISO 9002 Certification.

First off, ISO 9002 certification is a certification granted to companies by the International Organization for Standardization. While there are many ISO certifications, ISO 9002 is not as industry-specific as other certifications.

Companies dealing with solar energy need the ISO 9002 certifications to set their quality assurance standards.

The certification controls standards in their production, servicing, and installation.

ISO provides certifications to ensure that the various energy providers maintain quality in their services.

The certification comes in handy in the solar energy industry because it deals with residential solar energy panels’ production, servicing, and installation.

Read on to find out why you need ISO 9002 certification and how you can get it:


Why Do You Need ISO 9002 Certification? 

To Gain Trust & Credibility 

Solar energy installation and servicing companies with ISO 9002 certification are believed to have quality products.

Since ISO advocates for good quality at affordable prices, clients believe that ISO certified solar energy companies offer quality services at the right price.


To Keep You Accountable

It would make no sense to have a certification that you don’t abide by. The ISO provides production, servicing, and installation guidelines and standards.

Therefore, failing to provide services according to the quality assurance guidelines would make the company untrustworthy. It may also mean that they have no integrity.

An ISO 9002 certified company can use the guidelines as a standard for their quality in solar energy products and services.


To Qualify For Solar Energy Tax Credit 

Having an ISO 9002 certification can help you benefit from solar energy tax credits. The R&D credit is one of the incentives a solar energy company can benefit from.

It requires a company to work on improvement. Acquiring ISO certification shows that a company is improving its quality of products and services.

An ISO 9002 certification can help you get solar energy credits from the many available R&D tax credit providers.


Are You Ready To Get ISO 9002 Certified?

Getting ISO 9002 certified is a great step for any company to improve their quality and get financial benefits like the solar energy credit.

Here is the step by step process of getting ISO 9002 Certified:

  • Work on Your Management System

Establish a working management system, and spell out the purpose and role of your business. Lay everything out to see how it works.

  • Implement Your Management System

After identifying how you want the solar energy business to run, go on and let it run! Give it at least 6 months to see how the management system works.

  • Verify The Effectiveness Of Your Entire System

Ensure that your management and subordinates create a working system for your business. In an effective business, everyone does their role and provides quality products and services.

  • Choose an Auditing Body 

Many auditing organizations can review your organization’s working system and quality. Pick one, pay the cost, and receive the review.

  • Pass The Audit

All that’s left is passing the review. You get an ISO 9002 certification on passing the quality test. You will pay an annual fee to renew the certification.