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Independent, experienced engineers carry out constructability Audits. This method is utilized to improve quality and cost-effectiveness. If you can regulate things by numbers, you can reduce the cost in terms of where the engineer feels that it is necessary to do so.

The constructability management technique reviews the construction process from the beginning to the end during the pre-construction phase to identify obstacles before the actual project commences.

The interest in a solar energy audit has recently increased due to the growth and adaptation within the residential solar energy user. It is important to note that one size does not fit all when it comes to solar energy solutions.

Not all solar products are the same. It is essential to work with solar energy companies that will assist you and educate you on how to navigate solar energy solutions.


Purpose of Constructability Audit in Solar Energy

The main purpose of implementing a constructability audit in solar energy is to lay out the system with certified professionals to help people incorporate the use of residential solar energy. A constructability audit also helps to save money and time by uncovering potential problems or any problems encountered during the construction process.


Three Steps in Residential Energy Solar Constructability Audit

Three major steps our team of professionals at advance solar utilized in the solar energy constructability audit:

  • Evaluating Your Past Energy Usage

To provide an accurate home energy audit, we will first review your energy usage in the past two to three years. Your past energy usage gives us insight and a timeline to work with. We can spot a trend and see where and when your home experienced an energy spike.

  • Examining Your Current Energy Usage

We will then examine your home to see where it might be losing energy, and energy often eludes through doors, windows, and attics. Appliances sometimes have unusually high energy.

  • Commending Remedial Actions

After inspecting your home, we will offer potential solutions. 30% of residential energy is lost to leaks. If we notice leaks in your home, we recommend sealing them first.

We don’t overwhelm you with possible solutions to your home’s energy problems. We will arrange our recommendations by their level of significance, so you will know which one to tackle first.


Why Get a Solar Energy Constructability Audit

At advance solar, we enjoy installing residential solar energy and providing you with a system that works well with all your power needs.

Implement a constructability audit to help us design and build a solar energy system that works for your home, ensuring that your investment in solar energy is worth it.

Knowing where your home is losing energy and eliminating that loss will help you reduce your power needs, which means you will need a few solar panels that will cost lower.


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We have served over 11 counties in Florida, and we currently serve the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Australia, and South America.

Our objective is to operate with integrity in all areas of our businesses, putting out customers first. Contact us for all solar energy and residential solar energy needs.