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Best Solar & Energy Services in Fort Lauderdale

Solar energy is a fascinating alternative to the unstable power supply in today’s world. With minimum disadvantages, a residential solar energy installation can be done in your home, even at workspaces and in industries. Furthermore, it saves you the cost of running your everyday needs on the local power supply.

Finding a trusted solar panel installation company in Florida perfect for your installation services may be challenging. At Advance Solar & Energy, we provide impeccable customer service. Superior energy-efficient products and reputable installation are hallmarks of our company, ensuring that every aspect of our business operates with integrity.

Who Are We?

We are a fast-growing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with our services available to nearby states. We have been providing solar energy services since 1983, making us more than capable of handling your various solar services like pool heating, solar electricity, and solar hot water services, among others.

Our staff, who are well trained and certified, consists of the leading solar experts in Florida with NABCEP and OSHA certifications. In addition, we place our customers first with outstanding 5-star service.

What Services Do We Offer?

Solar Electricity & Energy

You can save more on electric bills with our solar electricity services. Advanced Solar Energy in Fort Lauderdale provides lasting solutions to all solar electric problems. Furthermore, we also educate our potential customers on solar options to help them navigate the sea of solar and choose the perfect fit for their homes and business.

Depending on your budget and preference, we have three main types and up-to-standard materials that can grace your roofs and power your home appliances.

Solar Hot Water

Water heaters are generally expensive to purchase and maintain. However, solar energy is renewable and can save you more than you expect. We can help install solar hot water appliances to warm your water baths and tanks during winter.

Solar Pool Heating

We offer solar pool heating systems at affordable finances, which use the natural rays of sunlight to warm up your pools all year round. As a result, you will surely enjoy the relaxation and comfort your pool brings, no matter the weather. Furthermore, you will enjoy the use of free sunlight instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive fossil fuels.

Advanced Solar Energy provides you with many more services. Contact us at (239)-939-7446, or visit our web page to request a quote.

What do you stand to enjoy at Advanced solar energy in Fort Lauderdale?


  • The services of trained professionals with NABCEP and OSHA certification
  • Affordable services that are highly guaranteed
  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Always on-hand services with over 50 employees
  • Quality and top-notch installations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Interesting quotes and knowledge about solar options
  • Zero stress from lack of subcontractors
  • Super fast services and many more

As a company, our goal is to harness the power of the sun’s rays to improve the environment. With the installation of a solar energy system, you will also be able to save money on your monthly electric bill. Contact us today at Advanced Solar & Energy for all your queries regarding solar panel installations.


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