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Advance Solar: The Best Solar Energy Company In Labelle, Florida

Solar energy can run it all! From your bulbs, kitchen gadgets, and all appliances in your home! At Advance Solar & Energy, we dedicate our expertise to helping you enjoy all the benefits of solar energy.

With years of experience, we can help you access solar energy anywhere around Labelle, Florida. We work with the best staff in Florida to ensure that you get the best of everything; installation services and solar panels.

Why Use Solar Energy In Labelle, Florida?

Easy Maintenance

After installing solar energy in your home, you only need to check and maybe clean it yearly, and that’s it!

If you get it done by us, one of the leading solar companies in Florida, you are assured of an excellent installation that will not require any repairs or maintenance for a long time.


The sun is all it takes to use your new reliable form of energy in your home. You do not rely on other channels or the electricity grid and therefore have no worries about outages or being left in the dark without lights.

Residential solar energy can get low on days that the sun won’t show up for a while, like winters. To be ready for that, you can ask us, your reliable solar panel installation company, to add more panels so you can store more energy for the days you don’t have the sun.

The Money-back Guarantee

Solar energy is quite an investment, with the installation process being a little pricey. However, the cost is a money-back guarantee that comes back so fast!

When you account for the money you use on electricity bills which, thanks to residential solar energy, will be slashed to a minimum, you can end up saving so much more than the original installation cost over time.

The Tax Credit

The government compensates solar panel owners by providing tax credit on the installation costs. Therefore, while you invest in your home, giving it more value, the government recognizes your effort to use clean energy and rewards you.

How We Determine The Best Solar Panels To Install

As one of the best solar companies in Florida, we ensure that we give you a service meant for you. We inspect your roof to figure out several things before we install solar panels, such as:

  • How much energy do you need in your home; figure out how many solar panels can sufficiently serve your needs.
  • How many purposes the solar energy will serve; to determine what kinds of panels to install for pool heating, water heating, and electricity.
  • How Old is your roof, and can it handle the solar panels?


Why Advance Solar Is The Best In Labelle, Florida


We have been the best solar panel installation company since 1983, and we, therefore, provide the best services all around Labelle, Florida.

Customized Services

We treat every customer as an individual. Therefore, we serve your solar energy needs ensuring they suit your household.

Contact Us!-

Whether you want to use solar energy to heat your pool or use it in your house, we can help set it all up. You will get everything you need at Advance Solar to start your solar energy journey. Call us today!

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