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Solar Water Heating

Incorporate Solar Energy For Water Heating

The costs of traditional water heaters are undoubtedly less than the modern ones. Still, they save you money in the long term by reducing 50% to 80% of your heating bill. Moreover, solar energy is renewable and your ticket to freedom from fossil fuels.

Solar Hot Water – the Only Appliance that Pays You

The Advance Hot Water System will turn on and off daily, collecting heat whenever it’s available. The automatic controller simultaneously alerts
the circulation pump to run and the automatic check valve to open. The colder water from the bottom of your specially designed solar storage tank circulates through your solar collector and returns the heated water to the tank. This cycle continues as long as the sun is available to provide heat to your water. When there is no heat available, the controller turns the pump off and closes the check valve to prevent any loss of heat from the tank. If your family ever needs more hot water than the sun can provide, the backup heating element automatically takes over, ensuring that you will always have all the hot water you need.

Solar Water Heating in Naples Florida

Why Choose Solar Energy For Your Water Heating?

The sun's energy is free

Apart from the upfront costs of installing a solar water heater, you get to save money. These systems pay for themselves and minimize your dependence on electricity, gas, and oil. It’s almost like a way of Mother Earth returning the favor for choosing to go green. Speaking of green energy·

Solar energy minimizes carbon footprint

The environment has received far too many abuses for a lifetime. Many homeowners are opting for green energy in a bid to minimize climate change from carbon emissions. Solar water heating utilizes the sun’s renewable energy to provide warm water when you need it.

It takes up less space

If you are not a fan of fully covered roofs with panels, the solar water heater is ideal. It utilizes less space compared to a PV panel. Besides, a thermal panel is another option if you wish to sacrifice minimal space.

Low maintenance

Solar heaters require little attention if you have enough on your plate. This may be a simple annual cleaning, although involving professionals is always best. Besides, wear and tear are less likely to happen with no moving parts.


Solar water heaters will keep serving you for at least twenty to twenty-five years. It’s one of the reasons it’s a worthwhile investment. And this will continue afterward, just not with the same day-one efficiency.


When it comes to residential solar energy, these heaters exhibit superiority in their efficiency. For starters, they heat your water directly from the sun, and secondly, the panels turn up to 80% of the sun’s radiation into heat energy.


Invest in your home with the world’s most energy-efficient appliance.  Your investment will continue to increase.  As the cost of electricity continues to rise, the positive return in savings also increases.


Your “return” of free hot water provides you with savings that is tax free.


Physical possession of the solar system will assure that your investment is risk-free. * your water is Hotter and There’s More of it * Heavy Usage of Hot Water in the Shower, Kitchen or Laundry is Now Guilt-Free* Benefits the Environment and Reduces Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Solar Hot Water System In Florida

Is There Solar Energy Credit In Water Heating?

Solar water heaters are eligible for a solar energy tax credit as per the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 as follows:

  • Systems installed by 12/31/19 qualify for a 30% tax credit.
  • Systems installed after 12/31/19 but before 01/01/2023 qualify for a 26% tax credit.
  • Systems installed after 12/31/2022 but before 01/01/2024 qualify for a 22% tax credit. 

However, there are a few restrictions below:

  • Although existing homes (principle and second) and new constructions qualify, rentals don’t. 
  • The heater must get at least half of its energy from sunshine.
  • A system must be certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation to qualify. 
  • The heated water should be used in the residence. 
  • Expenses from swimming pools and hot tubs are exempted.

While the initial costs of a solar water heater can be high, it’s an excellent investment that saves you from expensive and unreliable fossil fuels. Besides, choosing any form of solar energy is a way of conserving the environment. Wish to join the green movement with your water heating needs? Always involve a certified solar heater retailer for high-quality products that will serve you for years to come. Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.