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Solar Water Heating in Naples Florida

Why You Should Switch to Solar Water Heating in Naples, Florida

Have you been using solar energy to help power your home? If you’re loving the benefits of having solar panels soaking up the sun and giving you power throughout the day, have you considered solar water heating in Naples, Florida, yet? The experts at Advance Solar can help you install the water tank and everything you need to further reap the benefits of solar energy.

What Is Naples Solar Water Heating?

There are two types of solar water heaters, the active and passive, where the active has circulating pumps and controls while the other does not. Within the active solar water heater are another two types, the direct and indirect circulation systems. The direct system works well in states and climates that don’t see freezes, as the water is pumped through the collectors and into the home. The indirect system also pumps heat-transfer fluid to the collectors, which heats the water before it enters the home and is ideal for more freezing temperatures and climates. The passive heating systems aren’t as efficient as the active heating systems, but do last longer and are less expensive. The integral collector-storage passive system is great for climates that don’t see much freezing, such as Naples, Florida. They also excel when the household needs more daytime and evening hot water.

Consider Your Needs

As with getting solar panels, you also want to start out by evaluating your house. Simply searching for “solar water heating near me” isn’t going to cut it. You want to have a good idea on how much you’re already paying for hot water, and what you would expect by switching to solar water heating. Making sure you can add the necessary panels you may require, as well as the tank collector and other materials is also important. You may need to speak with a solar technician to ensure you’re getting the right tank size for your family’s needs as well. The system for your home should be a little bigger than your needs, to make sure you have plenty of hot water for your home. But if you miscalculate, you may run into problems, so if you aren’t sure, it’s best to speak with a professional before you secure a tank and system size. You don’t want to get excited about having a solar water heater system and then find out your property won’t accommodate it. And be sure to check local codes, covenants, HOAs, and other regulations as there may be certain conditions you have to follow or paperwork to fill out before the process can fully begin. Most households in Naples, Florida, are jumping at the chance to incorporate more solar into their home, and will welcome the sight in their neighborhoods.

Solar Water Heating In Naples, Florida

After you have the solar water heating system installed by professionals like Advance Solar, it’s important to maintain the system from time to time. The tanks and system typically don’t require a ton of maintenance, especially if you selected a passive heating system. For active heating systems, talk with your technicians upon installation on what to follow or look for in terms of when it does need maintenance, and consult the owner’s manual. The glazing material on the tanks may need to be cleaned in more dry climates, but in Naples, Florida, you typically get enough rain to keep the model clean. Regular maintenance will be around 3-5 years, depending on your specific model. It should be done by a professional solar contractor, as they will know what to look for and how to replace or repair any problems, keeping your solar water heating system running for years to come.

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