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A solar water heating system is a process used for heating water by converting sunlight into energy. This heater can be used for washing, floor heating, showering, or heating your pools. Investing in a solar water heating system is a very financially sound decision. You might not realize it now, but it is beneficial to both your bank account as well as the environment. Contact Advance Solar today and get a high-quality water heater solar system installed in your homes. We have been providing solar services since 1983.


Cost of solar water heating system:

Solar water heater installation can cost you, on average, approximately $9000. Factoring in 26% Residential investment tax credit (ITC), you would get an estimated price of $6,300. The pricing depends on the quality of the system that you purchase. If you are purchasing for a larger family, it would cost more than the system installed for a family of two.

Solar water heating systems can be a tad bit expensive, but it’s a great initiative towards your eco-friendly stance. Over time your water heater installation would pay for itself as it lasts for more than 20 years. Apart from these, there are other monetary benefits that you can get from installing a solar water heating system.

The maintenance costs of a water heater solar power system are minimal and can get a warranty of 10 years. You can also manually check the condition of your solar panels yearly.


Financial Benefits of solar water energy

After installing a hot water system in your home, you can expect your monthly bills to be reduced. However, your savings depends on the quantity of the hot water you use. A solar water heating system will immediately reduce most of your water heating bills as most of your hot water will come from the free solar water heating system instead of electricity, gas, etc.

Solar water heating system rebates and incentives:

Some financial incentives are available for the property owners wishing to install a water heater solar system. The US’s residential renewable energy tax credit offers a credit equivalent to 26% of the total cost of installing the solar water heating system.


Why Should You Install a Solar Water Heating system? 

Following are a few benefits that you would get from installing a solar water heating system.

  1. It would be reducing the usage of traditional fuels like oils and gases that contributes to air pollution,
  2. Installing a solar water heating system is an eco-friendly decision as it is better for the environment than the electric water heater. With a solar water heating system, you’d be using the zero-emission renewable resource.
  3. Using a water heater solar system can also result in federal-provincial or state utility rebates or tax credits.
  4. The combustion of fossil fuel resources significantly impacts climate change and global warming associated with carbon dioxide emissions. Using solar water heating systems can help in reducing the energy used from these fuel sources, helping the environment in the long run.


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Installing a solar water heating system is a great way to help the environment reduce your utility bills. Solar energy is the future. Invest in installing a solar water heating system in your house to benefit from its long term use. However, selecting the best solar services is not very easy. If you are looking for a “solar water heater Florida,” contact Advance Solar today and get the best solar services around town. Since 1983 we have been in business and are a NABCEP Certified Company that will provide you with outstanding service and energy-efficient and professional installation. We have leading solar experts in Florida. Call Us at (239)-939-7446 or email us at to avail of our expert service. For more information, visit