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Ever want to take a dive in your backyard pool, but shivered at the thought? Installing a solar powered pool heater just got cost effective and made it comfortable enough to swim again! Advance Solar provides their services of easy installation, affordable, less costs to operate, and last longer with better warranties. We offer the best for Fort Myers, and solar panels will always last longer than electric pool heating systems. While solar panels are versatile, we customize them with different pool sizes and types, either above or in-ground pools. 

What Solar Powered Pool Heater Is Right For You?

How do they work? The pool water goes through a filter, then to a thermal collector, where then a solar energy heats the water before it returns back to the pool. The system will include a check valve, a flow control valve, and in order to keep temperature in check, a temperature sensor. Most automatic systems will detect the temperature and transfer to the solar collector to be heated with no manual work. 

Not every part of the US has warm temperatures, and in the colder regions where a pool is used only in summers, a solar collector can have it ready year round. While it may be oversized, it allows the pool to stay heated despite the freezing temperatures.

Two Types of Solar Thermal Collectors

The fantastic feature of solar collectors is they harness the thermal energy from gathering sun exposure. The cooler pool water is pumped from the bottom of the pool, heated by the thermal collector, then it rises. The two types are glazed and unglazed.

  • Glazed Solar Collectors: they are the flat-plate encased in glass, and more often than not, complicated in design. They have metal frames, including copper tubing and aluminum, with iron tempered coverings. 
  • Unglazed Solar Collectors: These are made from black plastic or heavy rubber. They are UV treated to extend their life of service. These are cheaper and less effective, and are limited. They should only be used in warmer climates that do not go below freezing.

So which collector is right for you? How many months of the year do you want to swim? The recommendation given by the DOE (Department of Energy) suggests the collector be between 50% to 100% of the square footage of your pool’s surface. For example, if your pool is around 15×20, the surface is 300 sq. ft. The collector should then be between 150-300 sq. ft. for size.

Enjoy Your Pool Year Round

The thought of enjoying your pool shouldn’t make you dread anymore. Advance Solar has the right solar powered pool heater for your home. We take the measurement of your pool to give you the right heating system, as well as what climate you’re in. 

Fort Myers will be covered year round with the best systems and long lasting guarantee. With our cost effective prices and quality service, you can enjoy swimming year round, host pool parties, or enjoy a midnight swim in cold temperatures.