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While you may consider solar power conversion to reduce your energy bill or gain energy independence, is it worth it? Yes! Despite being criticized for inefficiency or high costs, especially when solar battery storage systems are involved, the energy is common for most homeowners.


What Role Does A Solar Converter Play In Solar Power Conversion?

Just like our brains are essential for body functioning, so is the solar power converter. It changes DC power generated from solar energy to AC power. The electrical converter also enables the operators to monitor the whole system. The AC or alternating current is utilized in the off-grid electrical network. For homes with solar systems, the selection and installation of the solar converter are crucial.


Types Of Solar Energy Conversion Methods

  • Direct conversion to electricity

Also known as the photovoltaic effect, the technique converts the sun’s radiation (light particles) to electricity (electricity particles). Power plants and residential houses find solar panels valuable. Electrical power plants employ mirrors and lenses for concentrating the radiation on the panel systems, harnessing more output power. The mirrors track the sun’s position, therefore efficient.

  • Conversion to heat

Solar thermal is based on the greenhouse effect; the technique converts solar radiation to thermal energy. The process involves the sun’s radiation passing through a transparent layer, glass or plastic, to a black-coated material for absorption. The black layer radiates the absorbed energy in infrared wavelengths (heat) towards the glass layer. Glass is not transparent to infrared, trapping the heat for delivery to water or air. The principle applies to solar pool heaters and solar hot water heaters.

  • Bio-chemical conversion

Remember photosynthesis? The process is also a biochemical reaction. Plants use energy to convert water and carbon dioxide to oxygen. The system pretty much works the same way, just that the desired outcome is energy.


Benefits To Converting To Solar Power

  • Reduces your energy bill

Dramatic energy costs are the headaches of most homes. Reports claim that the average expenditure per person is $3052. After installation, it minimizes the bill significantly, depending on the size of the panel system and electricity use. The upfront cost for purchase and installation may be a lot, but the investment return is worth it. Besides, you will also earn tax credits and rebates. If you are a business, a large panel can save you money big time!

  • Low cost on maintenance

A solar panel system only requires a few cleaning sessions per year. You could also get a professional to do it for you at a small fee. How long can a solar panel last? In most cases, manufacturers offer 20 years of warranty; the only thing that may need changing is the inverter after five to ten years.

  • A renewable energy source.

The good news is your location doesn’t matter, and even on the gloomiest of days, the solar panels can still harness some power. Unless the sun dies down, as scientists claim, we can rely on solar energy. So for now, we may enjoy the benefits!

  • An eco-friendly option

Solar energy takes pride in its purity. The courtesy of mother nature has no adverse effects on the environment due to lack of emissions as other forms of energy. Fossil fuels are burnt, producing harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere. Their changing prices is also another inconvenience. Opting for solar energy is voting for an end to water and air pollution, which is harmful to our health.


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