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Even in beautiful Fort Myers, FL, your pool can get uncomfortably chilly. You could use a solar pool cover to heat your pool, but do you want to go through the hassle of taking it off your pool and storing it every time you want to swim? You will most likely need to replace the cover in only a few years as well. There has to be a better option, right? Advance Solar can offer a couple of choices to get your pool warmed back up.


To reliably use your pool year-round, you are going to need a pool heater. With options that can last you for 20 years, pool heaters are a wise investment as well. Depending on your needs and preferences, Advance Solar can provide you with one of two varieties; an electric or solar pool heater. Not sure which option is best for you? Take a look below to learn more about electric and solar pool heating.


The Solar Pool Heating Option

To use a solar pool heater, a solar collector will be installed in an area that receives a lot of sun. Your pool water will run through a filter then into the solar water heater. Your water is heated then returned to the pool for you to enjoy! Some of the biggest upsides to using solar include:


  • Free energy from the beautiful Florida sun.
  • The system is cheap to maintain.
  • You can enjoy the system for around 20 years.


Solar is the more expensive option, costing around $4,000 to purchase and install. Savings on electric costs are often enough to recoup the heater’s original price in 2 to 7 years.


The Electric Pool Heating Option

An electric heat pump uses a fan to pull in large amounts of hot air from the environment. The water is then filtered, ran through the system’s water heater, then returned to the pool. Some advantages of using an electric heater include:


  • Having cheaper start-up costs.
  • Can pull in enough heat to warm your pool so long as outside air temperatures are between 5-degrees and 50-degrees Fahrenheit.
  •  Heats pool water quickly and efficiently


Electric systems are more expensive to maintain; they can cost close to $900 a year. Another consideration should be that electric heaters will only last around 10 years.


Consider Your Options

Pools are a considerable investment. It is worth weighing your options before deciding on an electric or solar pool heater. Electric is faster at heating your pool, but solar will need to be replaced less often on average. Depending on where you live, the possibility exists that you may need a combination of both systems if you want to swim year-round. Luckily, you have someone that can help you navigate all of your choices.


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In business since 1983, Advance Solar has the experience to help you make the best choice for all of your electric or solar pool heating needs in Fort Myers and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide every customer with unmatched service and respect. Call or visit us today for a 5-star pool heating service.