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Florida is blessed with long sunny days most of the year. It is by no accident that it is called the sunshine state. So, you have no reason to suffer from a cold swimming pool or pay exorbitant utility bills to warm your pool.

Your answer to a cold swimming pool and over the roof utility bills is solar pool heating. This article tries to answer your questions about solar pool heating in Miami.

Solar panels are apparatus that convert sunlight into electricity using a crystalline silicon material. The panels come in typical sizes of about 5.5 feet by 3.5 feet and weigh up to four pounds. The silicon is made into wafer-thin photovoltaic cells, with negative and positive layers, which create an electric field over the panel.

When the photons hit a solar cell, their electrons detach from the atom and form an electric circuit. This generates electricity. The panels are positioned where they can catch as much sunshine as possible. An ideal place is on the roof.

Solar pool heaters in Florida are green energy. As such, they conserve energy and put money in your pocket through a 30% tax break. For more assistance, Advance Solar is ready to answer all your questions.


How Solar Pool Heating Miami Work 

The following parts make up the solar pool heating system:

  1. The solar collector collects the pool water to be heated by the sun. Solar pool materials are made up of various materials, depending on the climate. In cold climes, the collector is glazed, i.e., covered by glass to prevent freezing.

Pool heaters in Miami have their collectors made of heavy-duty UV-treated rubber. As a result, rubber collectors are cheaper than glazed collectors.

  1. Filters trap all the debris from the water so that they do not clog up the system.
  2. The pump sucks in water from the pool into the collector through the filter. After it has been heated, the water is pumped back into the pool.
  3. The flow control valve controls the entry of water into the pool. Some systems have automatic valves that are only open to let in water if its temperature is below the collectors.

The process to heat your swimming pool is simple. First, the pump sucks in water from the reservoir into the collector. Next, the solar panels heat the water and then pump it back into the swimming pool.


Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters

  1. Solar pool heaters are affordable. You save money on installation and maintenance and make some money in tax breaks.
  2. Solar pool heaters are pretty easy to install. With just a few essential tools, DIY skills are sufficient. Traditional water heaters require the services of a plumber.
  3. All that is needed to maintain a solar pool heater is to keep the filter clear of debris and regulate the water’s chemical balance.
  4. Solar water heaters are eco-friendly.

You should keep the features of your swimming pool in mind when choosing the perfect solar swimming pool heater solution. You can talk to Advance Solar & Energy. We have vast experience in solar matters and can advise you on what you need to heat your pool.


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