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It is a common practice to heat your pools to ensure that the temperature is moderated. However, pool heating can be costly. A cheaper and cleaner alternative is to install solar panels for this. At Advance Solar and Energy, we have worked on this and have built solar panels ideal for pool heating. We understand if initially, you think that solar panels are not the best option for pool heating, considering the maintenance and installation costs attached to them. However, once you go over their long-term benefits, you will understand why solar heating is gaining more attention and becoming increasingly popular.


What factors determine the life of your solar panels?

There is not just one determining factor. Numerous things are taken into account before an estimate can be made about how long your solar panels might last. The first factor that goes into consideration includes things like the location of your property and pool. Secondly, how well you keep up with the maintenance of your solar panels also plays a vital part in determining their overall life. The brand and the installation process also play a significant part in determining how long the south Florida pool heating solar panels can last.

Keeping these factors aside, it has been observed that most solar panels have a life of up to 25 years at a minimum. If you keep up with the maintenance properly, you can easily prolong the life of these panels and have them work efficiently for a longer duration.


What can a lack of maintenance due to your solar panels

As mentioned above, proper maintenance can prolong the life of your solar panel. However, if you choose not to keep up with the maintenance, this lack of care will have a downward impact on the life of your solar panels. This maintenance constitutes checking for damage and getting it instantly repaired before the problem worsens.


What has an adverse impact on the lifespan of your solar panels

While some things are good for extending the life of your solar panels, some things can also have an adverse impact. There will be instances when the panel’s useful life will diminish before the 25-year mark, and a few things contribute to this.

In addition to not keeping up with timely maintenance and fixtures, some other factors contribute to reduced life. Extreme Weather conditions have a considerable impact. Hurricanes, deadly storms, strong winds, and all such extreme weather conditions can make the lifespan of your solar panels deteriorate. Not only do these extreme weather conditions damage your home, but they can also severely impact the condition of your solar panels. Lastly, if your solar panels were not installed with the utmost care and precautions, this can cost you in the future. An inadequate fixing of your panels means that your panels and heating system are not fitted correctly, which could significantly reduce the life and efficiency of the system.


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We are the best solar water heater company in Fort Lauderdale, and we believe in serving our clients with only the most high-quality solar panels that last for a long time! Be it pool heating or any other purpose, the life of your solar panels depends on many factors. We took all these factors into account while building our systems and throughout our installation process to ensure that our clients do not have to fret over their solar panels.