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The solar panel creation set a change in motion for the production of energy. The change would iterate over the years in the hands of different engineers and physicists, but the purpose of solar panel remained constant. However, the history behind this creation is quite fascinating.


Who invented solar panels?

Edmond Becquerel, a French physicist discovered the effect of photovoltaic cells as he was experimenting using a metal electrode cell and how it helped in conducting heat. He then noted that the cell was able to produce more heat when exposed to the sun.

Solar energy was however not new. As far back as the 7th BC, people used solar power in its most primitive state, which came from the sun. The earliest use of solar power was to focus the sun’s energy by using magnifying glasses to start fires.

Sunrooms were invented to capture solar energy for their natural warmth. The rooms usually faced the south to concentrate and catch the sun from the famous Roman bathhouses, which are still popular today.


Purpose of solar energy

Solar Electricity

This is one of the primary purpose of solar panel creation, and it has led to an increase in the use of solar energy over the years. The cost of solar panels is also decreasing, leading to more people becoming aware of solar panels’ environmental and financial aspects.


Solar Water Heating

The purpose of solar energy extends to heating water systems, and most of the solutions create hot water that we consume inside our homes. The solar water heaters available on rooftop cells help absorb the heat from the sun and transfer it to the water tank.

Solar water heating provides the best purpose for solar panels on roof.


Solar Heating

Typically the purpose of solar energy is heating, and this includes solar space heating as we provide power for radiant floors and pairing with FHA – Forced Hot Air for heating a home.

Most passive home designs can quickly heat a business or home in winter by simply considering the correct placement of windows and selecting the suitable materials in the building.


Solar Ventilation

As a purpose of solar panel, solar ventilation solutions like solar attic fans can help reduce the HVAC systems’ burden by cooling your home in summer. This is an excellent option if you cannot install a PV system to offset the entire electricity use in your home.

Industrial and commercial solar applications include ventilation technologies that can preheat a whole building’s air in freezing weather, thus reducing energy costs.


Purpose of Solar Charge Controller

This is a charger used to regulate current and voltage to keep the batteries from overheating. It is used to regulate the current and voltage that comes from solar panels and goes into a battery.

Most of the 12-inch volt panels can help put out between 16 and 20 volts, and this is when there is no regulation that the batteries can be damaged from overcharging. Basically, batteries will need between 14 and 14.5 volts to charge fully.