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Ever wonder why you keep seeing house after house with solar panels installed? Considering we are the sunshine state, it only makes sense Floridians are capitalizing off of solar power! Solar energy is taking us into the next generation, and more homeowners are making the switch to solar energy. Finding solar panel companies can be overwhelming and confusing. We at Advance Solar & Energy are here to get the ball rolling. We pride ourselves on bringing solar energy to communities throughout Fort Myers. Here are just a few of the reasons solar panel installation is becoming so popular in Florida.  

People Are Saving Their Hard Earned Money!


Solar energy significantly lowers the cost of utilities and offers tax write-off benefits. Homeowners who have made the switch are investing with lifelong benefits and are currently receiving up to 26% in tax credit. With surges in electricity, Floridians are securing a future for themselves where energy is not a concern. Solar panel companies like Advance Solar & Energy are urging customers to invest in solar energy. By investing in a renewable energy source, they don’t have to worry about the rise in non-renewable energy going into the next generation. 


The Satisfaction Of Sustainability


As times change, we as a society become more environmentally conscious. As solar energy becomes morally valued, it is easy to understand why the current generation of homeowners wants a house with solar panels. With the unpredictable weather in Florida, residents who choose solar energy have options of installing backup power sources that are charged with the sun. Generators require fuel and emit toxins into the environment, making the switch to solar energy sources sustainable for your bank and the planet!


Don’t Listen To The Misconceptions! 


Solar panel companies install thousands of panels a year, so when it comes to information on solar energy, we are the most credible. With the misconceptions about solar energy out there, potential buyers can be hesitant about solar energy. Our team of trained solar energy professionals is here to assure you that solar power is gaining popularity for fair and credible reasons. Not only can solar panels withstand harsh weather, but they also protect your roof from leaks and damage. Solar panels also can be designed to fit your homes architecture, eliminating the bulky and out of place feel.      


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Advance Solar & Energy is here to help Floridians move forward with sustainability. Whether you want to equip your house with solar panels or are just looking for information, we’re here to help. We offer solar energy services ranging from solar power electricity to solar water heating, including:

  • Spas
  • Solar for home
  • Solar for pool
  • Solar parts
  • A/C installation and repair
  • Electrical services
  • Heat pump services

We have been serving the Fort Myers’ community for over 25 years. Call or visit us today for more information!