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Working with solar panel companies is inevitable if you want to save more energy in your home. Without the help of experts, it would be hard to produce the right amount of energy in your home from solar power. But before selecting a company to help with your solar installation, there are some essential factors to put into consideration. 


Advance Solar is a world-class company in Fort Myers, that focuses on the installation of solar panels. We help improve energy consumption in your house with solar panels that consume less energy. As experts in this field, we guide and help you make the right decisions. Let’s explore some of these important decisions. 


Solar panel companies warn about the roof’s direction

The first thing solar panel companies warn you about is the direction of your roof. The panel can only provide you with the right amount of solar energy for powering your home if you consider the direction of the roof. We ensure that you have a roof system that faces the sun. 


Failure of your roof to face the sun directly will reduce the amount of sun that hits the panel. It is often advised that you choose a roofing system that faces the west or south. As such, it will be getting the right level of energy to deliver electricity to your home. 


The company warn you about the roof’s condition

Houses with solar panels often feature high-quality and healthy roofs. Only when the roof and its material are in the right condition can you install the solar panels on the roof. Before they proceed to fix the panel on your roof, they first consider if the roof needs fixing or due for replacement. The result of their inspection will decide what the next line of action will be. 


You may opt to install the panel now and fix the roof later, but that is always a bad decision. This can result in accidents that can injure or lead to the death of those working on the panel. Additionally, it is not cost-effective, as you will have to remove the panel when working on the roof. 


This will mean paying extra for removal and re-installing the panel. Only when the roof is declared structurally fit for panel installation should you proceed to install solar panels.


The company consider the material and shape

The material and shape of your roof is another important factor put into consideration by a company when planning to work on your roof. The material plays a huge role in the amount of sunlight the panel will get. The shape will also be key in identifying the possibility of the panel working staying on the roof. 


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Making the right decision about these factors on your own can be challenging. One of the leading solar panel companies that helps you with solar panel installation in Fort Myers is Advanced solar. We provide your house with solar panels that help you generate the right energy. Contact us today!