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Do solar energy and fossil fuels sound great to you? You might have been flipping back and forth between these options. Here, Advance Solar in South Florida: West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers has compared solar energy and fossil fuels so you can make an informed decision. For solar energy Miami, locals swear by contacting us today!

Solar Energy Miami Locals Trust

For many, solar power is an affordable energy option. As a renewable form of energy, it has long-term availability. As long as the sun keeps shining, you will always have sunlight to power your homes, gadgets, cars, and others. When it comes to emissions, solar panels do not emit carbon dioxide and pollutants. Therefore, solar energy can reduce carbon footprint. Currently, solar power isn’t available for everyone, but it’s rapidly becoming more affordable. The growth in popularity is a feat we can’t deny. The consistent demand for solar energy has made the solar power industry seek ways to improve and innovate. When it comes to efficiency, solar energy isn’t lacking an inch! They’ve been able to convert sunlight into electricity with an efficiency rate of 15-22%. While this might not meet your fancy at first, it sure will sound great compared to other sources of energy.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels, unlike solar power, are nonrenewable resources. Once we exhaust the earth’s fossil fuel stores, then we are done! Technically, they will replenish themselves, but that will require millions of years. Access to fossil fuels is another concern. We are heading to a time when the remaining fossils available are in places we can’t access. This means fossil fuels will cease to be a viable option soon. When it comes to emission, fossil fuel emits carbon dioxide as a byproduct. This carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere, where it leads to heat. This heat leads to climate change, altering the weather pattern across the world. So, if you plan to decrease your carbon footprint, fossil fuels aren’t an option. As we deplete fossil fuel storage, we can expect it to become even more expensive to mine.

Deciding The Best Energy Option!

Comparing fossil fuels and solar energy, it is now easy to make an informed decision. For one, you don’t have to contribute to the climate change that’s ravaging the world if you stick with solar power. Additionally, since the sun will continue to be available, solar power will help you save money on utility bills for decades. Solar is growing and will continue to grow! Need to learn more about the cost of solar panels and installation? We’ve got your back at Affordable Solar!

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Do you need solar energy Miami locals to swear by? That’s our commitment at Affordable Solar! We offer consumers affordable and viable energy options to power homes and other gadgets in South Florida: West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers. We’ve got the best solar representatives devoted to helping you understand the financial and environmental savings you can anticipate. We’ll get you the best panels and quality installation that meet your actual needs! Get your free solar quote today and request further information on solar power Miami, tesla solar roof Miami, and others!