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Looking for ways to reduce your spending on residential solar energy? Or perhaps you have had enough from the inconveniencing grid outages. Either way, a Tesla Powerwall battery system can answer your needs.

So, what is a Tesla Powerwall? It is battery storage developed for residential homes to improve energy independence.


How Does Tesla Powerwall Work To Provide Solar Energy?

The lithium-ion battery is charged using any electrical source for backup during grid outages. If you are a small or medium-sized business, you can combine ten Powerwall units to achieve your energy goals.

Its first model on the market, Powerwall 1, was discontinued in 2016. However, Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+ are available. And it’s easy to see why. Powerwall 1 could only store 6.4kWh, while the two versions double-up and extend to 13.5kWh. Their power output is 5.6kW.


Is Tesla Powerwall Cost-efficient?

Tesla is a trusted brand on the market. However, the high cost of their battery systems has nothing to do with that. You benefit from a system with a higher storage capacity and higher power output.

Depending on the number of units you purchase, you walk away with a discount. For instance, a single unit costs $10,500, but if you opt for two units, each goes at $8,500.


Does Powerwall Qualify For Solar Energy Tax Credit?

With a Tesla Powerwall as other battery systems, you certify for a federal solar tax credit of 26%. The excellent news for homeowners is that this reduces one unit’s cost to $7770. But there’s a catch. You have to meet the requirements below:

You must use the Powerwall with solar panels to qualify for the solar energy credit. Other renewable sources of energy are also good to go. But the bottom line is a stand-alone battery is not eligible.

If you utilize Powerwall in your residence, it must always charge from solar panels, 100%. On the other hand, it should charge 75% of its energy from solar panels for business premises.

There may be more tax exemptions and financial incentives depending on your state.


What Are The Benefits Of Tesla Powerwall?

  • Ease to use with an app

A superiority of Tesla Powerwall systems is that they can be tailored regarding the consumption of stored energy using an app. According to the brand, your off-grid goals are within your control and only a click away.

  • Save more

Nothing sounds as good as pocketing more money from your residential solar energy, and that’s a possibility with Tesla Powerwall. You can utilize time-of-use load shifting to save as much as possible. Besides, once you purchase this addition to your home, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill. The system also comes with a federal tax credit and a ten-year warranty.

  • Greater energy independence

You set yourself up for better energy independence with higher power output and more storage. Tesla Powerwall can fulfill your energy needs. You can depend on it most of the time. It charges from your panels during the day and powers your home at night.

The Tesla Powerwall is the revolution to self-powering your home through solar energy optimization. And based on your needs, you can get as many units as possible with a discount. Still, the federal tax will reduce the costs by 26%, and your state may have more tax exemptions—talk of better energy independence, more savings, and a more extended warranty for quality assurance.