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If you are living in Fort Lauderdale, you must have observed a rise in the popularity of solar electric systems. If you are oblivious about the idea of solar energy, we have prepared a quick guide to help you enhance your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the concept of solar electricity for homes. At Advance Solar, we offer a range of services relevant to the solar electric system. Be it solar panel installation, maintenance, or repair; we have it all covered!


What is Solar Electricity for home? 

Before we dive into helping you conclude whether you need to start relying on solar energy for your daily energy consumption needs, first, let’s look at what solar electricity is. In layman’s terms, the energy that is emitted from the sun is referred to as solar energy. There is an abundant amount of solar energy on Earth, thus making it readily available to fulfil our energy consumption needs.

The little energy packets, commonly known as photons, that the sun releases contain a sufficient amount of solar energy to fulfil the needs of Earth and its inhabitants. With the evolution in science and technology, people have discovered ways to convert this renewable solar energy into other forms of energy. Initially, the cost of solar panel installation and relying on solar energy was expensive. However, owing to its rising popularity and the developments in solar electric systems, solar energy has become more affordable.


Should we use Solar Energy as an alternative?

Definitely! The pros of using solar electric systems are immense, and it is a good idea! Solar energy is a green, renewable source of energy, thus making it a better alternative to the depleting non-renewable sources of energy currently being consumed. In addition to being abundant and renewable, it is also an environmentally friendly energy source, thus making it an even better option! Utilizing the energy that is trapped within the sun’s rays will help in solving the energy crisis and help in lessening the already worsening climate crisis that we are facing!


The impact of the weather on Solar Energy consumption

Since solar energy comes from the sun, there is a direct connection between its availability and sunny weather. However, the impact is not highly significant and can be controlled. It is no surprise that maximum efficiency can be achieved on a clear sunny day. However, solar panels tend to work better in cooler temperatures rather than warm temperatures. Despite the abundant availability of solar energy on a sunny day, solar panels are unable to work to their maximum capacity as the rising temperatures strip the panels from their ability to generate high voltages.

The imbalance between being able to work optimally in warm weather and the requirement for a clear sunny day made it necessary to find a solution for this problem. As a result, solar panels are able to store an excess amount of solar energy that can be used in instances where there is a lack of it, thus providing an uninterrupted source of energy.


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If you are contemplating whether you should invest in solar panels and take advantage of the ample amount of solar energy that the sun emits, we would advise you to go for it. If you have been looking for someone who can get the job done for you in an efficient manner, we are the answer to your problems! Our work will leave you satisfied with a ton of relevant experience in the field and innovative technological upgrades.