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As a business owner, switching to renewable energy is a risky move. You’re heard that larger companies, such as Google, Apple, and more are adding solar, but it doesn’t feel like a good move for your business. It’s time to switch that thought process. 

Many businesses are now switching to clean energy and gaining the rewards. Advance Solar isn’t just for big businesses, but can customize for any size and still offer the large rewards of solar energy. We aren’t just any solar company, we provide strategic advice to prove the benefits for your business in Fort Myers.

Why Should I Choose A Solar Company?

The benefits of commercial solar gives you a great return on investment and switching your building to clean energy. While it is an investment, not an expense. The return you get from solar power will exceed other investments in terms of the money you save over the years.

  • Reduce Operation Costs

Once your solar panels are paid off, your operation costs will be lowered and off the balance sheet.

  • Control Your Energy Bills

Predict operation costs can be difficult as you don’t know what the future will hold in store. But knowing what your electric bill will be every month is easy once you use solar panels. Don’t face the fluctuating bills, as with solar energy, you lock onto a rate that doesn’t change. Reduce your energy bills and your budget will get that much easier to manage.

  • Increase Property Value

Buildings do have higher values and sell faster with solar panels as held by multiple studies. That’s not likely to change as solar energy is gianin steam, adding panels to your building will make it more desirable. If you have lower utility bills, that’s a win for any business owner.

Cost Benefits

With solar panels, you are elielbab for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which will give you a 26% tax credit if your panels are installed by the end of 2020. This means you have a 100% bonus of depreciation available, and your first-year deduction is available on solar installations. 

The chance to have this benefit could be sooner than later, as costs have gone under 70% this past decade. The price of adding solar panels has also decreased. The credits and cash rates all work to reduce the installation cost.

Once you do have the panels installed and hooked to the energy grid, you can start to save each month, and when less money goes to the power company, you have that cash on hand.

Choose Advance Solar

Advance Solar can help improve your brand with clean energy for your business. It shows the market your commitment for your customers and sends a message of sustainability. We’re your solar company for Fort Myers and switching to clean energy. The benefits and cost savings long-term are too difficult to ignore. Call us for your questions and we’ll answer with expert technicians, and we’ll get you switched to clean energy sooner rather than later.