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One of the hottest topics sweeping the globe today is the need to source energy from clean renewables such as wind, nuclear, and solar. The call to cleaner energy is more than a trend. Current data indicate that our planet is warming at a concerning rate, and climatologists worldwide are calling for action. How can you help? Simple: switch to solar energy! The sun’s power is strong enough to source all of your electricity needs and reduce your carbon emissions. Of the solar companies in Fort Myers, Advance Solar is your top choice for switching to greener, cleaner energy – at home, at the office, and on the go!


About Us – Solar Companies In Fort Myers Help You Reduce Carbon Emissions


The technology behind solar energy is relatively simple, but it makes a powerful impact. Each solar panel comprises tiny solar cells, which capture and transmit the sun’s energy through the panel’s circuits to be converted into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC is then processed into alternating current (AC) electricity – the primary power source of homes and businesses. Finally, this resulting AC is either stored onto a solar battery and used in your home or sent back to the electrical “grid” for an energy rebate. At Advance Solar, we can help you harness this amazing technology to power all your home energy needs, including to heat your pool. 


The power of the sun is limitless and renewable, and all you need is the right equipment to capitalize on it. The team at Advance Solar has provided quality service in solar installations for over 30 years. We began in 1983 selling pool heat pumps to customers in Fort Myers but have since grown to accommodate customers across four continents. We never sub-contract our work, using our own professionals to guarantee the highest quality service. Furthermore, we own a sister company called 5 County Wholesale that conveniently stocks all local commercial pools, air conditioning, and building supplies. When you switch to solar energy, choose a reputable company with the resources to ensure a successful, affordable setup.


  • Let The Sun Warm Your Pool With Our Heat Pump


Have you ever jumped into a chilly pool? The impact of cold water on your skin can lend an unpleasant jolt – and not the relaxing experience you want to have at the pool. Yet, controlling the water temperature in your pool is expensive and cost-inefficient if you opt for conventional heat pumps. Save thousands of dollars in electricity and gas each year by opting for our solar-powered heat pump. We use cutting-edge Heliocol solar panels to capture the sun’s rays and convert the energy to power your pool heater. The Heliocol brand of solar panels is among the best in the market, with a 12-year warranty for parts and labor. Don’t just take our word for it – Heliocol panels were selected to heat the pools of the 1996 and 2004 Olympic games. The partnership of Heliocol solar panels with Advance Solar technology makes for poolside fun all year round. So when you crave a dip in the pool despite cooler weather, you can be refreshed without being stunned. 


  • Cut Back On Hot Water Costs


Your pool water is not the only amenity that solar technology can heat; solar energy is also good for your home’s water system and can save you a lot of money. Steaming showers, warm dishwashing water, hot washing machine cycles, and sterile handwashing all require abundant hot water, using an enormous amount of electricity. Put to use the energy efficiency of solar power by installing an Advance Hot Water System. Our solar tank will store your household’s water and heat it with energy from your solar panels. The water tank regulates the water temperature throughout the day, shutting off when the temperature is just right and kicking back on automatically when it is not. Even after the sun sets and the solar power has finished for the day, your water will remain piping hot. If your household utilizes an excessive amount of hot water, our system’s back-up heater will kick on and substitute for the sun until morning. You will never need to experience a shortage of hot water!


  • Rev Your Electric Engine With A Solar-Powered Charger


If you own an electric car, Advance Solar has an excellent solution for you. We are proud to install the Powerwall from Tesla, a charging station designed to optimize the power in your electric vehicle’s battery by using excess solar energy. Although it sounds intimidating, the Powerwall is perfectly safe, featuring independent fuses, liquid thermal controls, and touch-sensitive technology. This remarkable system will coordinate with your home’s solar panels to lap up any leftover energy yield. Most homes outfitted with solar panels end up generating more energy than they need. With the Tesla Powerwall, not one bit of solar power goes to waste, and you end up saving money recharging your vehicle’s battery. Although the system works automatically, you can monitor and tailor its production through the Tesla app. We offer quick and painless installation of this remarkable technology, helping you make the most of your solar energy right in your home.


  • Don’t Overlook The Savings In Residential Solar Panels


When most people hear the words “solar power,” they envision those clunky solar panels cock-eyed on a rooftop. We encourage you to adjust that image in light of the sleek, state-of-the-art solar systems we offer at Advance Solar. Today’s panels can be custom-designed to accommodate your particular home seamlessly; for instance, you can install solar panels in place of a skylight or other architectural component. No matter the style or material of your roof, our solar panels will be both secure and sensible to your home’s overall appearance. Solar panels prove to be a worthwhile investment year after year, increasing the value of your home by roughly $15,000 while saving you $1,000 in electricity costs. Our equipment is made to last, with a 25-year warranty at high-functioning capacity. Contrary to popular opinion, solar equipment does not require frequent maintenance and is resilient enough to weather even the worst of Florida’s climate. Upgrade your home and reap the benefits for seasons to come!


  • Give Your Business A Comprehensive Energy Face-Lift


Solar energy is powering the future; once you’ve experienced its smart cost-efficiency, you’ll expect to see it everywhere. If you own a business, consider making this wise investment and switching your energy source to solar. You can save a bundle on overhead costs without compromising your service or product. From consultation to design to installation, our company offers the best in commercial solar projects. We have the latest in photovoltaic technology, outfitted in state-of-the-art equipment. You don’t have to save up for this smart switch; we offer financing packages that are flexible for your business, no matter the size. Our team of seasoned professionals has decades of experience, making solar panels a profitable possibility for all clients. Bring your business to the green movement; cut back on energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and show your clientele that your business cares about the environment.  


Why Choose Us – Advance Solar Is The Right Choice For This Smart Solution


Whether it’s heating a pool, warming your water, charging your car, lighting your house, or powering your business, solar energy is the solution for energy efficiency. And Advance Solar is a one-stop-shop for all these needs – plus much more. We can provide comprehensive consultation for any solar energy project and point you to the solar equipment that is right for your unique situation. When you’re ready to install your solar equipment, make sure you hire a solar company that is certified by the NABCEP – the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. The NABCEP exists to enforce strict standards on the quality of energy technology, protecting consumers and businesses all over the country. Choosing Advance Solar, a company that has met these requirements guarantees a knowledgeable team that will keep your safety a top priority. Finally, Advance Solar has satisfied over 30 years’ worth of solar energy customers. Our commitment to honest work, superior products, and reputable installation have earned us numerous testimonials and awards, including the Best Industry award for Green Homes in 2018.


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Do you have a solar project in mind? Are you looking to switch the energy demands of your pool, hot water, home, car, or business to a clean renewable option? Advance Solar is one of the best solar companies in Fort Myers, with skills in all these areas and more. Don’t wait to get on board. Join the movement for sustainable energy and do your part to curb carbon emissions. Contact us today and begin your sojourn into solar energy!