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Electricity is essential for our daily life, from powering our communication channels to enabling heat sources in our homes, the list is endless. Regardless, power outages are always on the rise during bad weather days. To avoid the inconvenience, you may consider getting solar cells for a constant power supply. Besides, it saves you money!


Benefits of Solar Cells

1. Pure source of energy

We all live on mother earth, and sooner or later, our fuel choices will catch up with us. Unlike other forms of energy, solar is clean due to no emission of gases into the atmosphere. As for the resources it utilizes, that would be water only! Vote for energy independence as you minimize your carbon footprint. The shift to a clean environment starts with you!

2. No limits

You need solar energy for one reason; there are no limits. The sun’s radiation can provide enough energy to sustain the whole planet! And unless it dies down, as some scientists claim, we can be sure of this form of energy. We cannot say the same for other forms of energy. Apart from their fluctuating prices, they are also limited.

3. It is scalable

The solar panel is the only scalable energy source on the planet. So, whether you wish to power your industrial building or residential home, it is feasible. On a small scale, you could send the extra power to the electric grid or store it in power cells for later use.

4. Perfect for any climate

If you think that solar energy is inefficient in colder seasons, you are in for a surprise. Did you know that too much heat minimizes voltage production? Sunny days provide a great opportunity for solar panels to harness more energy, no doubt! But modern panels still produce electricity even with low light conditions.

5. Solar has never been this affordable!

The high costs of solar energy have scared off prospective buyers for years, but not anymore. In recent years, solar systems’ prices have reduced significantly. Besides, most states offer solar incentives like tax rebates and solar financing remedies like home improvement loans for affordability.


What makes the Generac power cell system special?

Generac PWRcell captures energy from solar panels or electric grids and stores the energy for use when needed. The innovative and environmentally friendly battery storage system will undoubtedly work towards reducing your utility bill.

One PWRcell incorporates six battery modules, each providing 17.1kWh of energy. If you like, you could use two PWRcells, summing 12 battery modules, meaning more stored energy for you during power outages.

The cell supplies up to 50 amps and a surge capacity of 12kW, enough to power your refrigerator, air conditioner, and other home appliances. If you ask about the continuous output, that will be 8kW, sufficient to serve any home! What is solar efficiency? It is the ratio of the sun’s input energy to the energy output from the solar cell. When it comes to these cells, the most economical options rarely offer efficiency.

If you wish for high solar efficiency, this cell is your best bet. Better yet, it comes with its app for monitoring energy production, consumption, and saving.


How much is the solar cell price?

On average, solar panels cost between $15000 to $25000With the battery storage, three battery modules, and the inverter, the Generac power cell price may be roughly $9999, exclusive of installation expenses. So, is it a worthy investment? Yes! It’s a lot of money, but the return on investment is high. With a solar efficiency of 96.5%, every 10kWh put into the battery produces a 9.65kWh output.

Solar cells are your ticket to energy independence. However, it is highly advisable to find a firm that can provide consultation services to help you make an informed decision on a suitable solar system. They should preferably be NABCEP and OSHA certified for an expert installation.