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Yes. Pool heating panels can work with hot tubs, but there’s more to it.

A hot tub provides a luxurious way of relaxing at home, but one that’s also extremely expensive.

So, the fact that you can run your hot tub with swimming pool solar panels must be music to your ears.


Because everyone knows that the best solar pool heater will be cheaper than electricity in the long run.


But How Can It Be Done?

On average, a hot tub will consume about 300kWh/month, and you can get this power from 2000 watts solar panels combined with a battery of 24 volts and a capacity of 250Ah.

Most people are afraid of owning hot tubs due to the high cost of running them. It takes a lot of energy to heat the many liters of water.

The good thing is that you can use solar power. Sounds incredible, but it’s true; you can power your hot tub using swimming pool solar panels. The water is heated through heat exchanging panels or solar panels using energy stored in batteries.


How Does Solar Heat Run Your Hot Tub?

Swimming pool solar panels are the easiest way to heat your water through the heat exchanging panels. However, this process works perfectly if you live in a hot area with up to six hours of consistent strong sunshine.

The heat exchanging panels units of the best solar panel are fitted with a larger panel that consists of small tubes where water passes through and gets heated by the sun. The tubes are in a black ground that absorbs heat plus they use perspex or glass to magnify the heat.

Water goes through the tubes of the swimming pool solar panels before passing out via the heat exchanger end. The process is repeated, and eventually, your hot tub water heats up.


Advantages Of Using The Best Solar Panel Company;

  • It is an inexpensive way to heat your bathtub. The whole kit is affordable and useful. Besides that, no monthly power bills make it the best solar pool heater.
  • You get hot water for free. As long as the sun is shining, the kit keeps pumping and warming up your water. This works best if your home is in a hot climate area.
  • This pool heating panel system doesn’t have mechanical parts, so it’s maintenance-free.
  • You can install the system without the help of a technician.
  • You can combine swimming pool solar panels with an electrical heating system. It ensures your hot tub is hot even on days of no sunshine.

A Few Disadvantages Of Pool heating Panels

  • They take up plenty of space because the average heat exchange system is about six feet long and around two feet wide. You can place it away from your hot tub, but it will need more energy to pump the water.
  • There is no way to control the temperature of your water. You have to use a thermometer to check how hot it is. A hot tub is designed to withstand temperatures that are not above 40 degrees C. Also, if you are not there to switch on the unit during the day, your hot tub will not heat up.
  • Unfortunately even with the best solar pool heater is inefficient as it doesn’t store energy. While regular solar panels are stored in batteries, these exchange panels do not have any stored power.

Advance Solar 

Pool heating panels make it possible to create a luxurious spa at home without worrying about energy bills. Just get one from Advance Solar & Energy, the best solar panel company, and enjoy the best solar energy money can buy. Give us a call today.