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The use of solar energy is increasing, with people using solar to reduce the amount of electricity they use and help the environment. When choosing to invest in solar panels, you might be wondering whether they can withstand a natural disaster like tornadoes. Tornadoes are increasing in frequency, intensity, and length. There were 1,075 tornadoes, compared to 1,517 in 2019. Global warming is a massive factor contributing to the increase in tornadoes. Solar panels installed by Florida solar installers effectively withstand the effects of most natural disasters like tornadoes.


Professionally Installed Solar Panels by Florida Solar Installer

Professional solar panel installation in your home can save you a lot of money. It is essential to ensure that a professional firm installs your solar panels in Florida. The cost-savings of having them installed professionally can be significant. You must also check that the company has liability insurance, which protects your home from damage during installation if anything should go wrong.

Improperly installed panels can cause the manufacturer to void the warranty. A professional solar company will professionally build and install solar panels to secure them from potential tornado damage. They will work with you to select the best panel location, taking into account shade in the area as well as the structural integrity of your roof.


Florida Solar Installer Can Your Solar Panels Survive a Tornado?

While strong winds can damage your panels, it is unlikely. In Florida, panels can withstand winds of 180 mph, as the best solar company tests the panels at much higher wind speeds, up to 250 mph. The average tornado runs at 40-100 mph. Data indicates that tornadoes destroy only 1 % of all solar panels. Install and securely mount your panels to help the solar panel system survive such conditions. Purchase quality solar panels designed explicitly for high-wind environments if you live in a high-risk area. The Florida solar installer will secure your solar panel system by using heavy-duty mounting brackets, which are more secure than lightweight mounting brackets and less likely to come loose during a storm or high winds.


Solar Panels Don’t Make Your Roof Weaker

If you worry about the strength of your roof, it is worth remembering that the solar panels won’t make it any weaker. Florida solar installer will check the rafters to ensure the solar panels in Florida are adequately supported. The best solar company provides you will a panel that blocks UV rays from hitting your roof, thus extending the roof’s life. The installer will check if the roof needs repairs and advise you to get the repairs done before solar.


Get Your Solar Panels Today

While it is possible to install solar panels yourself, you should hire a professional contractor who has experience installing them in your area. A professional will minimize system costs by maximizing energy generation and reducing installation costs by choosing the right system for your needs. The best way to prevent possible tornado damage to your solar panels is to have Florida solar installer install the best panels and secure them adequately.