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While solar energy technologies have been available for a long time, it has only been in the last few months that a solar energy system has been inexpensive enough to justify the expense. If you are thinking of going green and are looking for one of the best solar companies in Fort Myers, look no further than advance solar services. We are a significant solar power solution provider, dealing in high-quality materials to provide high-performance solar tailored solutions. Our products and solutions are designed to suit a wide range of solar demands for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. 

We provide comprehensive consultation, planning, and installation services that create outstanding outcomes and change the way you spend energy. Unlike other Renewable Companies, our inspectors and technicians are competent and experienced. We provide customised solar solutions based on the customer’s location, power demands, and price range. We want to make the world a cleaner, pollution-free place and are striving hard for that. Our Solar System makes use of high efficiency polycrystalline solar photovoltaic (PV) panels manufactured of high-grade materials. These solar panels have excellent conversion efficiencies and are intended for simple installation by our in-house service staff.

Installing solar panels may appear to be rocket science, but our team of professionals makes it simple. With many years of expertise and thousands of panels fitted beneath our belt, we know a great deal about putting your house operating on the Sun’s marvellous light. With our experienced and trained experts on the job, you can sit back and relax knowing that you are in the hands of the finest in the industry and are working with one of the best solar companies in Fort Myers.


Why should you go solar?

People around the globe are looking for solar options and the best solar companies in Fort Myers due to the vast amount of advantages it brings. Installing solar panels decreases monthly electricity expenditures and dependency on the power grid substantially—this energy independence safeguards against rising power bills and unpredictable fuel prices. With experts predicting significant rises in power costs, solar continues to be a cost-effective option and long-term investment.

Solar panels increase the market value of your home substantially. Most house buyers know what it means to have photovoltaic panels on their roof, mainly because the equipment is already in place, and they did not have to make the original investment and installation. According to studies, the average household sees a $5,911 gain in resale value for every installed kilowatt. That implies that installing a 3.1-kilowatt system may increase the market value of your property by approximately $18,000.

Solar panels also help prolong the life of a roof by shielding it from the extremes such as wind, snowfall, and debris. They make the building more energy-efficient in the summertime since the hot sunlight is collected by the panels rather than directly hitting the roof, bringing the house temperature lower.


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When it comes to solar, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The Sun does not strike every house in the same manner. As a result, we dispatch one of our professional assessors to identify things like energy requirements, sunshine hours, and the unique characteristics of your property. Whatever the scenario, it will function ideally and efficiently. We’re ready to take off when your home has been evaluated. Our skilled team arrives swiftly and effectively installs your new solar-powered system, and the job is accomplished!

Pick up the telephone to contact us right now, or complete the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch. You will not be disappointed. We have a fantastic team of people that are friendly and know what they’re doing. We will analyse and then implement a strategy once you have informed us what you want!