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If you’ve been hearing a lot about solar energy and conservation, now is the time to get your home in energy saving mode. There are many different types of solar panels available to a variety of homes, as well as the new Tesla Power Wall. Before you start searching for solar companies near me, though, get all the information you need here first. Then contact Advance Solar in Fort Myers for all your solar needs. 


The Start of Something Great

Only yesterday it seemed people were installing solar panels onto their roofs, reaping the benefits of lowered utility bills and cleaner energy. With the introduction of the first solar cell capable of producing home energy use in 1954, solar panels have garnered much attention through the years. TImes change, though, and it was only a matter of time before something rivaled the likes of solar energy. 


Tesla, an American electric car and clean energy company, bought a solar company in 2016 and started their magic in the solar panel industry, hoping to streamline the process and tools needed to have clean energy in your home. And although Tesla has designed newer styles of solar panels for your home, what has people talking is their Powerwall, available through most solar companies near you. 


Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall is a newer way of storing and using energy. It’s a rechargeable home battery system designed to improve your energy usage and utilize many different types of both saving you money and conserving usage for peak times. You’ll get seamless backup when your electricity goes out and the wall turns on, as well as when storms hit. The Powerwall even stays connected with National Weather Services, staying ahead of storms by conserving energy before you’re even affected by inclimate weather. It’s a highly intelligent system that can work with or without solar panels, changing back and forth between the panels and the grid to maximize your energy usage. The Powerwall can also be customized to your specific home’s energy use, saving you even more. 


Every Powerwall system comes with the wall itself, along with a Tesla Gateway, which provides monitoring, managing and metering your overall system. The Gateway can handle up to ten Powerwalls, and over time will adapt to your specific home’s energy usage, able to tell when to switch between devices to get the most out of your wall. If you do have solar panels in your home, the Powerwall will be charged daily by it, conserving energy for when the sun goes down or if there’s a power outage. Once a new day begins and the sun is out, the Powerwall will go back to generating energy and conserving it, giving you a never-ending cycle of clean, renewable energy. If you don’t have solar panels, the Powerwall will still adapt to your usage and when utility costs are high. Thus, it will save and store when energy is low and discharge energy when your costs are running high, saving you money without even thinking about it. 


Depending on your energy usage and what you hope to achieve with the Powerwall will vary on the amount of them in your home. If you have a lot of large appliances you want to be able to run, even in the case of a power outage, you may need more than one Powerwall and seek the whole home backup. To power the basics in your home, such as your TV, refrigerator, lights, outlets and more, one Powerwall for a partial home backup may be all you need. The Powerwall itself can withstand tremendous temperature fluctuations, anywhere from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, although it’s ideal to install the system indoors for maximum efficiency.     


The Benefits Are Amazing

Whether you get a partial or whole home backup, the Powerwall will save you energy and money. Although solar panels alone can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year, having the Powerwall on your side leaves you prepared for any storm and saves you money almost 24/7. The system is highly intuitive, learning your energy usage to provide more savings and increased energy storage. With so many benefits, why wait? Start searching for solar companies near me right now!


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