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Do you fantasize about reduced electricity costs? As the advent of renewable energy gains popularity every year, more homeowners are looking into solar panel installation for their homes. If this is your foray into green energy, you probably have some questions about all the different things you’ll have to take into account before taking the solar plunge. Here at Advance Solar, we make it our mission to provide the most reputable and useful information on all things related to solar installation in the Fort Myers area. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the installation of solar panels for your property.

How Much Sunlight Do Solar Panels Require? 

Solar panels use the limitless energy of the Sun to generate and store electricity. Because of this, your setup needs to be placed in an area that will have access to plentiful sunlight. Whether you’re using pool solar panels, carport panels, or a unit on your roof, check to make sure there are no obstructions to the sun. Branches, leaves, tarps, and other debris can get in the way of your energy needs.

Is My Roof Ready for Solar Panels?

If you’re planning on installing panels on your roof, it’s imperative you first find out if your roof can support the extra weight. If there’s been damage to the roof from inclement weather or perhaps it’s simply old and worn, we advise fixing these issues before going forward with installation. Not only do solar panels require a structurally sound roof to support the weight, but you’ll be hit with a sizable expense if you must remove the panels to repair existing damage. 

Do I Still Have to Connect to the Power Grid?

The short answer is no, you don’t have to connect to the power grid with solar power. However, if you choose to be completely independent you’ll need a battery to store all of that energy generated by your panels. In the current market, batteries of this size and capability are not only quite expensive but also hard to come by. Many of the top-rated batteries require customers to first get on a waitlist. On the other hand, if you want to be protected from power outages a battery backup system may be something worth looking into. 

What Are My Options for Installation?

The most common choice for solar panels is the standard roof installation, but depending on your aesthetic tastes or energy needs you may want to try one of the other multitude of options. There are also carport mounted units, panels that can be secured to the ground, and even pool  panels that can float on the surface of your pool and soak in the rays. Whatever your design preference, it can likely be accommodated!

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When you’re finally ready for residential solar installation, make sure you do your research and get answers to all the questions you have. At Advance Solar, we can inform you on all things related to solar panels and how they will change your life for the better. For the best and more reliable information on solar power, contact one of our consummate experts in Fort Myers. Don’t delay in making your dreams of a reduced electric bill a reality!