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Florida is the third-fastest growing state in terms of solar energy use. Approximately residences generate about 8.5 MW of electricity, powering over 840,000 homes. This is only 3.6% of total power produced in Florida; however, it is set to grow even faster.

Solar energy is set to surpass 12 MW by 2030 and power more than one million homes. This capacity is despite the obstacles placed in the way of solar energy growth by direct competitors.

The benefits of Solar Panels in Florida are immense. The state is one of the sunniest in the nation, averaging over 230 days of sun in the year. Florida also experiences long humid summers during which utility bills soar in a bid to cool homes. It, therefore, becomes necessary to consider alternative sources of energy that are both affordable and green.


Benefits of Solar Panels in Florida

Advance Solar has been the go-to place for solar energy solutions in South Florida since 1983. For almost 40 years, we have acquired knowledge and experience that puts us ahead of other solar energy providers.

You cannot begin to enjoy solar benefits in Florida unless you do it with Advance Solar. Our solar panels can meet a variety of needs like pool and water heating and electric power.

  • Reduced utility bills

It consumes a lot of electricity to power a house, especially when heating elements are incorporated. Cooling or warming your home and heating the pool consumes a lot of energy. For instance, it takes about 5kw per hour to heat your pool. If the water is cold, it takes you longer.

The cost to heat your pool in South Florida is about $0.16 per kilowatt-hour. This can accumulate exponentially. It costs even more if you use gas.

Besides installation costs, solar panels heat your pool for free for as long as the sun is shining.

  • Money saver

The money you save on utility bills goes to your pockets. But that is not all. Installing a solar power system enhances the resale value of your property by up to $ 20,000.

You also save on tax credits and rebates, as outlined below.

  • Tax credits and rebates

Florida does not give tax credits, but several tax incentives encourage you to install solar panels. The Federal Government offers 26% of the cost of the panels as a tax credit.

Though it offers no tax rebates for installing solar systems, Florida allows a 100% tax exemption on solar systems. This exemption is significant, seeing that installing solar panels can enhance your property’s value by up to $15 000.

Further, no tax is levied on purchasing solar energy systems as they qualify as renewable energy devices.

  • Solar panels are green energy. 

Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy. It is harmless to the environment, as happens with carbon fuel mining and refining or damming rivers. Similarly, using it does not release any harmful elements into the atmosphere as carbon fuels do.


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