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Commercial Solar Solutions in Fort Myers FL

Site Feasibility

  • Define energy goals
  • Energy use audit
  • Site feasibility assessment

Financial Planning

  • Viability study
  • Risk mitigation
  • Financing options


  • Constructibility audit
  • Production analysis
  • Environmental imp

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Commercial Solutions

Advance Solar specializes in commercial solar project design and installation, offering the latest photovoltaic technology, state of the art equipment, and flexible financing packages for businesses and large organizations. Our seasoned staff of professionals and engineers make solar panels a profitable and sustainable solution for businesses across the state.

We provide end-to-end commercial solar services with flexible financing options to help businesses and large organizations reduce energy costs, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate sustainability. Advance Solar is different than other solar providers: we are truly a one-stop-shop for commercial solar solutions. With Advance Solar, you can rest easy knowing that the entire solar project will be managed by one experienced team; including financing, design, engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance.

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