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Yamil Rivera

Otherwise known around here a 2.0, Yamil is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Service! He has served Advance Solar for over 13 Years and has moved his way to Service Supervisor for all locations. His ROTC training has given him a great base of attention to detail, respect for others and a "whatever it takes" work ethic. His passion for the business comes from his understanding of how important the Solar Industry is for a brighter future. One day he hopes to earn a seat on the Board of Directors with Advance as he has been such a critical part of its growth and success. Yamil is a family man with 4 older brothers, 1 older sister and 1 younger sister as well as being a father to his 13 year old son. He was born in Puerto Rico, spent a few years in NY, but lived most of my life here in FL. When he is not giving 5 Star Customer Service and Leading the Service Department, Yamil is spending time working on becoming an officer at the Masonic Lodge. He loves spending time with his son Oscar taking him to the movies & cooking.